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What Made Justin Sun Suddenly Pour $100M into Huobi Global Liquidity Fund?

Huobi flash crash spooks investors – Justin Sun says funds are safe but injects $100M
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YEREVAN ( — Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron blockchain, poured $100 million into Huobi Global’s liquidity fund after the exchange suffered a drastic price manipulation attack on its platform.

Huobi Global stirs fears of FTX-like collapse.

Huobi’s native token of the same, trading under the ticker HT, fell by about 75% to $1.88 within five minutes on March 9 in what appears to be a “flash crash.” Flashes crashes reflect abrupt and extreme price moves in the market, helped by poor liquidity management and extreme price manipulation.

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The downside move caused $2.55 million worth of long liquidations, according to data tracked by Coinglass. Hayden Hughes, co-founder of the social-trading platform Alpha Impact also commented that “forced liquidations of highly leveraged bets” caused traders to fear for Huobi’s solvency.

HT liquidation on a 12-hour timeframe. Source: Coinglass
HT liquidation on a 12-hour timeframe. Source: Coinglass

In the wake of the flash crash, Justin Sun tweeted that all the funds on the exchange were “SAFE.”

huobi crash justin sun

That $100M Emergency Pill

Meanwhile, despite the funds being “safe” on the platform, Sun said Huobi was setting up a $100 million fund to bolster liquidity and added the exchange “will bear all leverage-through position losses on the platform.”

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Early on March 10, Sun withdrew $80 million worth of stablecoins from the exchange, 40 million USDT, 20 million USDC, and 20 million USDD. The crypto mogul then deposited the noted amount of USDT and USDC to Aave and JustLend.

huobi crash justin sun

Sun then transferred $100 million in USDC stablecoins to the exchange after the Huobi crash.

huobi crash justin sun
Justin Sun transferred $100 million in USDC to Huobi, Source: LookOnChain on

People familiar with the matter earlier told Bloomberg News that Sun is the majority shareholder in Huobi.

He has previously said that he is in fact, the biggest holder of HT tokens but has denied owning a roughly 60% stake in the exchange. Moreover, Sun is also the founder of Tron, and TRX tokens, combined with HT, account for almost half of the Huobi exchange’s total asset reserves.

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