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Ubisoft latest publisher to eye up AI for development

French publisher Ubisoft has said that it is looking into generative artificial intelligence for game development.

The company said that it was investigating the tech at “all levels” of its internal studios. Ubisoft has long been toying with artificial intelligence, even telling journalists back at GDC 2019 that its La Forge outpost was training it to help clean up motion capture data.

“As the world adopts Generative AI at a record pace, GDC 2023 demonstrated its immense potential to profoundly transform creative industries,” Ubisoft wrote in its financial report for the 2022/23 fiscal year.

“Ubisoft is uniquely positioned to lead this transformation, with a strong game technology expertise, over 20 years of proprietary data and assets, and a rich portfolio. Internally, early adoption is fast, with creators and developers of all levels experimenting with the technology and taking advantage of the booming Generative AI landscape. With them, Ubisoft is shaping a responsible framework with talent management and fair use at heart.

“In parallel, teams are leveraging years-long R&D efforts in AI and Machine Learning applications, especially through La Forge, to identify the best use cases and harness the power of this technology to have a positive impact on creativity, workflows, and players’ experience.”

Ubisoft has long jumped both feet first into new platforms and tech. The company was one of the first big players to try to introduce NFTs into its games and was an early supporter of Nintendo’s Switch console back when third-party support was thin.

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