Uber Eats Starts Delivery of Cannabis in Toronto

Any Uber Eats user above the age of 19 will be able to order cannabis through the Uber Eats mobile application

Just four years from now, Cannabis was banned throughout Canada, now people can order it through their phones! Yes, you read it right, Uber Eats has just started delivering cannabis in Toronto, a major Canadian city with over 2.93 million residents.

Uber Eats have launched the weed delivery service in partnership with Leafly, which is an already well established online marijuana marketplace. Just like restaurants, cannabis store owners will now be able to register themselves on the platform and sell directly.

The delivery will be done in accordance to the law thus only users over 19 will be able to order cannabis using the Uber Eats application. Apart from this, the delivery riders upon arrival will also check the customer for his age and ID thus confirming that the weed is not being delivered to a minor.

Drivers that will deliver the cannabis are specially trained and certified by Ontario’s cannabis retail education program, CannSell.

So does this mean people in Toronto can order weed alongside their food? Well, no the weed and food delivery are kept to be separate. This means that cannabis stores all across Toronto will have to hire their own weed delivery staff and also train them.

Apart from that, the cannabis delivery can only be delivered through authorized cannabis delivery stores. This will largely eliminate the illegal cannabis sale that has been going on since before cannabis was legal in Canada.

According to statistics, 40 percent of the cannabis sale in Toronto was done through illegal channels. With a mainstream food delivery application coming into play, these numbers will surely see a large decline.

A similar cannabis service was also seen in Tokyo where customers could pick up Uber Eats orders from cannabis stores, however this is the first time Uber Eats is starting to deliver cannabis right at their customer’s doorsteps.

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