Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Switch Release Date Revealed

Landfall has announced the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Switch release date. The physics-based battle sim will launch on Nintendo’s console on November 3rd, but it might not look the way you remember it if you’re used to the PC or Xbox versions, as many changes have been made for the Switch version.

Over on Landfall’s official website, the studio reveals the TABS Switch date and also breaks down everything that’s changed in this new version of the game. The changes are pretty exhaustive; Landfall says it’s had to make these switch-ups in order to accommodate the “optimization requirements” for Nintendo’s console, which is a nice way of saying the Switch isn’t powerful enough to handle some of TABS‘ more demanding aspects.

First up, both the Simulation and Legacy campaign modes have been completely removed, and five units have been deleted from the Switch version too: the Dark Peasant, Super Peasant, Witch, Present Elf, and Sensei are all gone. Units are now limited to 20 per side in all game modes, and crossplay isn’t supported, so you can only share your custom TABS content with other Switch gamers.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator won’t look quite the same on Nintendo Switch.

The Bug DLC for the game won’t be available on Switch, again in order to “meet the requirements” of the console, and several levels have been redesigned. Once again, the list of levels that have been redesigned is extensive, and you can see a full list of them in Landfall’s original blog post. Landfall says these levels are “different from other versions” but “just as great” as their counterparts. 

You can pick up Totally Accurate Battle Simulator right now on PC and Xbox. The Switch version is due out on November 3rd. Earlier this year, Landfall announced that it would wind down TABS development, citing the game’s five-year-old engine being “super hard” to work in and creating “more bugs” each time changes are made. Looks like the Switch version could be one of the last TABS-related releases you’re getting. We’ll bring you more on this as we get it.

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