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Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date And Time

Episode 2 of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 will be released in Japan this Sunday, January 29th. However, for most international fans, the release date will be Saturday, January 28th, because of the time difference. In Japan, the episode will be broadcasted on local channels like TV Tokyo, TV Aichi, and MBS, while Disney Plus and Hulu will stream the upcoming episode to international fans. As the release time will vary depending on your region, here is the exact schedule for different regions:

Pacific Time – 9:08 AM PT (Saturday, January 28th)


Central Time – 11:08 AM CT (Saturday, January 28th)

Eastern Time – 12:08 PM ET (Saturday, January 28th)

British Time – 5:08 PM GMT (Saturday, January 28th)

European Time – 7:08 PM CEST (Saturday, January 28th)

Indian Time – 10:38 PM IST (Saturday, January 28th)

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Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers is now in full swing. The introduction of the Shiba brothers in the series took the story to a completely unexpected but interesting track. Now that Hakkai Shiba has decided to leave Toman, Mitsuya will try to talk things out with his elder brother and try to settle things for their sister. The encounter between Mitsuya and Taiju will be the main plot for the upcoming episode, and we will finally learn if Hakkai will leave Toman or not.

What Happened Previously On Tokyo Revengers?

Taiju ordered Hakkai to beat Takemichi, but Hakkai was hesitant to follow his orders. Yuzuhara tried to stop Taiju from bullying Hakkai, but he hit her for intervening. Takemichi stepped up against Taiju for hitting a woman, and the latter beat the former with the intent to kill. However, Takemichi was saved by Hakkai after he promised to leave Toman if Taiju left Takemichi alive. Latter, Takemichi apologized to Hakkai for being trouble, but he revealed that he had already decided to leave Toman and didn’t need to apologize.

Takemichi was admitted to the hospital and realized that Hakkai might kill his brother, which would result in a bad future for Toman, and that he needed to do something to prevent it. He woke up and found his friends in his room and learned that they had all joined Toman. Chifuyu was also there in the room and explained everything about Black Dragon and that the attack on Takemichi could start a war between the two gangs.

But Takemichi wanted to settle things on his own, after which, Chifuyu called him outside to cheer him up and told him how Baji would have been angry to see him in this situation. Takemichi started sharing a great bond with Chifuyu and ended up telling him about time traveling and his abilities. Surprisingly, Chifuyu believed and appreciated him for doing everything on his own and then promised him to lend his full support for a better future for Toman.

The two of them then prepared plans to somehow stop Hakkai from leaving Toman in the upcoming meeting, but their lame schemes failed. Mikey left the decision in Mitsuya’s hands, and the latter denied Hakkai’s request to leave Toman at the end of the episode.

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