The Walking Dead: All Stars’ new update introduces a new PvP mode, characters, and a story chapter

Com2uS and Skybound Entertainment have just launched a massive update for their mobile collection RPG The Walking Dead: All Stars. Alongside the waves of zombies, version 1.7 also brings a horde of content in the form of new characters, limited-time events, a PvP mode, and an expansion to the game’s story as well.

The Walking Dead All Stars’ story continues with a new chapter. This one builds on the happenings of Asyl, a sanctuary that is now plagued by threats from all ends. As always, players need to build a team of strong fighters to take on the enemies as this narrative takes place alongside the original Walking Dead comics.

Speaking of strong fighters, two more join the squad. The first is Bell, an epic-grade hero with a predator alignment. She can blast ranged opponents with her pistol while the closer ones fall for her rope wrapped in barbed wire. Bell’s ultimate deals single-target damage to an enemy with the highest energy.

Players can test Bell’s combat abilities prior to unlocking her in the PvE Gauntlet. Completing the encounters will unlock Gold Bars, Skill Manuals, and other treasures.

Second up is Brody, a fearless melee warrior. Full of rage and with a bystander alignment, Brody attacks in close quarters with a cement powder pouch and further ones with a bottle bomb. His ultimate sees him swing a hammer that targets the strongest enemy with a tonne of damage.

Further, a new PvP mode called Underground Bunker will be available until December 3rd. Players can take on rivals and their communities in head-to-head matches as they climb up a ranking ladder from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Master, and finally Challenger. Seasons are two weeks and players can earn profile-picture frames, Gold Bars, and more through participation.

To top it off, players can take advantage of upcoming 7-day and 14-day support events that will grant bonuses such as reward chests, skill manuals, recruit tickets, and more to returning players. They will be available on and off until December 19th.

Begin ranking up in the Underground Bunker mode by downloading The Walking Dead All Stars now for free.

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