The PS5 can now tell you when your favourite game is on sale

If you are a PlayStation gamer who adds games to your Wishlist and wait for the price to drop before purchasing it then there is good news for you. Sony has updated how Wishlist’s works on the PS Store. Until now gamers could add games to their Wishlist and would be notified when the game was up for pre-order or launched. But today, Sony has added a new feature to how Wishlist’s work on the PS Store. Users can now receive a notification when their favourite game has gone on sale. Yes, the Wishlist will now tell you when games added to the list go on sale. This isn’t a new feature and we have seen it in action on PC storefronts like Steam and also on the Nintendo Switch. 

How to get notified that a game is on sale on the PS Store

To get notified when your favourite game is available on sale, simply follow the following steps.

  • Add games to your PS Store Wishlist
  • Enable push notifications for Wishlist Updates on PS App or PS5 console
  • You will now receive a notification when the game goes on sale.

A lot of gamers wait for a game to go on sale before they decide to purchase it. This has become a more common practice since Sony increased the price of its first-party offerings from $60 (Rs 3,999 in India) to $70 (Rs 4,999 in India) making gaming quite an expensive proposition. While Xbox gamers get to enjoy first-party games on day one on Game Pass, the same isn’t the case for PlayStation gamers who need to pay full price to enjoy first-party offerings on launch day. 

Sony recently reached a milestone with its PS5 shilling 13.4 million units making it the fastest-selling console. What is surprising is that Sony managed to achieve this during a global chip shortage and we can only imagine how many units would have shipped if the chip shortage wasn’t there. 

Sony’s PS5 launched globally on November 12, 2020, and is currently celebrating its first birthday. In India, the console went on sale on February 2, 2021. You can read our review of the PS5 here and check out our comparison with the Xbox Series X here.  


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