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The NFT battle between Solana and Cardano may have this unlikely winner

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Over the past few months, competition between Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) has gotten stiffer. One industry where these projects have been fiercely battling is the NFT market. However, the competition between these two initiatives only became more intense after the Vasil update was introduced.

According to crypto specialists, over the past several weeks, Cardano has been gaining ground on Solana NFT in terms of popularity. The Cardano blockchain’s NFT trade volume has recently eclipsed Solana, according to statistics made public by a number of specialists.

According to crypto specialists, the recent Solana attack has had a substantial impact on its NFT popularity. A week ago the DeFi trading platform Mango Markets based on Solana was hacked, which caused many investors to lose faith in the network. Watertight Cardano chain security has not changed.

Additionally, the expanding activity on the Cardano NFT, which are drawing investors, have also contributed to this fall. This is probably following the update to the Vasil hard fork. However, Bitgert (BRISE) NFTs might be too strong for Solana and Cardano NFTs to compete with.

Bitgert NFTs Are Certain To Have A Major Impact

The Bitgert NFT marketplace is anticipated to revolutionize the industry. Even though the Brise NFT marketplace has not yet launched, there are high hopes for it. The fastest blockchains in the market and a zero gas price blockchain will power the Bitgert NFT marketplace.

For every transaction on the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain, there is a zero gas fee ($0.00000001) and a 100k TPS transaction rate. BRC20 is now the most potent and appealing blockchain available. It will be the most alluring for NFT fans since the NFT marketplace will operate on this blockchain.
Another reason why the Bitgert NFT marketplace can perform better than Solana and Cardano is its high level of security. As a result, we may anticipate great market performance for BRISE NFTs during the coming days. Additionally, there are other advancements surrounding the Bitgert.


Despite Solana and Cardano NFTs’ competition, Bitgert NFTs have a strong chance of surpassing them shortly. Due to the $0 gas price and quick transaction speed, a sizable portion of projects and many NFT aficionados will join the Brise NFT marketplace once it is established.


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