The new bigger demo for Scrabdackle deserves your attention

Love your quirky little action-adventures? Scrabdackle should be something for you to take a look at and there’s a big update to the demo for you to try.

What is it? Scrabdackle is a hand-drawn action/adventure game about going exploring, with non-linear progression and a unique mix of skill-based challenge and accessible gameplay. It features a vast, intricate overworld, tight and responsive combat, cheeky banter, and pages of lore to discover – all under a coat of playful charm. Funded on Kickstarter, the full release is due out in 2023 sometime.

Original demo trailer:

Highlights of the new demo update include:

  • A new region, with its own soundtrack and unique environment.
  • 4 new enemies.
  • 1 new miniboss.
  • Several new unique NPCs and landmarks.
  • 14 new lore entries.
  • Many new challenges, quests, and collectibles.
  • A new spell to learn.
  • 4,000 words of dialogue.
  • A new type of challenge/obstacle I’ll let you discover for yourself…
  • A new lighting system has been added to make caves dark and dim areas more atmospheric.
  • A few older music tracks have been updated with a fresh coat of aural paint.
  • A huge variety of bugfixes are in place!

Give it a go on Steam. Available with Native Linux support.

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