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The neon-soaked REPLACED receives a new trailer ahead of Xbox and PC release

Gritty, depressing cyberpunk dystopias are all the rage at the moment, perhaps due to the release of a certain Cyberpunk 2077 just a few years ago. In the time since, we’ve been treated to the likes of The Ascent and Somerville, each putting their own spin on terrifyingly glum worlds. At The Game Awards 2022, the millions watching were reminded of REPLACED, with a new trailer showing off its own 2.5D world. Get ready for yet another helping of raging against the system!

Initially announced in 2021 – we have a whole article dedicated to the initial details regarding REPLACED – what we have here is a retro-futuristic interpretation of the 1980s, complete with all the pariahs, corruption and greed that are hallmarks of a broken down society. In this 2.5D action platformer developed by Coatsink and Sad Cat Studios, you’ll be playing the role of R.E.A.C.H., an AI trapped in a human body against its own will. Understandably, this AI is a very angry non-person, hence its penchant for combat against all its enemies. Whilst the neon-lit streets and complex world is one draw of REPLACED, the free-flowing combat is another incredibly attractive feather in the game’s cap. 

Whilst this is Sad Cat Studios’ debut title, the veteran experience of Coatsink will certainly prove helpful throughout REPLACED’s development: these are the devs behind the likes of PHOGS! and Transformers: Battlegrounds, yet REPLACED is a very different beast altogether.

We will of course give you more information as per REPLACED as and when we get our hands on it, ahead of a 2023 release onto Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. REPLACED will also launch onto Game Pass for both Xbox and PC. For now, though, make sure to check out the new trailer for the game below.

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