The Dead Space Remake File Size Has Been Revealed

The Dead Space Remake File Size has been revealed thanks to Xbox Players who are able to pre-load the game 5 days earlier than PlayStation 5 users. With the help of a handy feature on the Xbox console, you can pre-load titles that you don’t own to help with making space for a game you might be interested in buying in the near future. With that handy feature, we were able to determine the space you need for the highly anticipated title.

The Dead Space Remake File Size Is Very Space Friendly

With how good the upcoming Dead Space Remake looks, you would be forgiven to think the title would tout a massive file size. However, the truth couldn’t be further. Weighing in at a modest 31.91GB on the Xbox consoles, the title is no hulking behemoth that will demand a lot of storage from your system.

Dead Space Remake File Size on Xbox Series consoles

This is presently the file size on the Xbox Series numbers, and we should expect the same file size for the PS5 when the pre-load for the console opens on the 25th of January, which gives players 2 days to download the title.

We covered the trophy list earlier today, and the game itself is one that brings back a lot of familiar challenges and trophies from the original title, but there is also an additional surprise for fans in the form of an alternate ending that one can get now, which was not part of the original entry in the series back in 2008.

At 31.91GB, the file size is incredibly modest, considering this is a AAA title, but its good to see that developers like EA Motive and Capcom with Monster Hunter Rise at 26GB are starting to better manage their file sizes to make sure gamers don’t have to choose to uninstall a current game to make space for a new one.

Dead Space Remake Platforms and Release Date

Dead Space Remake is slated for January 27th, 2023, and will release for the Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC.

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