Tabletop Club is a free and open source physics-based 3D tabletop game sim

Want a Tabletop Simulator like experience but prefer free and open source games? Keep an eye on Tabletop Club. One I’ve been meaning to give a shout-out to for a little while, as I dig through a bunch of my missed items from before the holiday season.

Available under the MIT license on GitHub and, it enables you to play various tabletop games offline or online without the need for registrations and logins as you can just host a game and share a room code with friends.

In Tabletop Club, you are given a box of toys to play with, and it’s up to you what you do with them! Sure, you can play board games, but why not make a house made of dice, then frisbee it with a poker chip? Draw on the table while waiting for your opponent to make a move in chess, or flip the table into deep space after losing an all-in bet? The table is your oyster!

Developed using a modified Godot Engine, it allows you to do pretty much anything, since you can import your own stuff into it too.

Early days for the game project, with a first Beta version only going up in November last year. Nice to see more open source games appear though, especially stuff like this that can have such wide uses.

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