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Survivor Fans Are Celebrating Rick The Door Technician

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor tells the story of one man who must face insurmountable odds to try and save everything he holds dear. Even in the face of defeat, he soldiers on to fight for what he believes in, no matter the cost. He will run head first towards the enemy, weapon in hand, even if it’s a Jedi with two lightsabers, who survived Order 66 and an encounter with Darth Vader.

I am, of course, talking about Rick the Door Technician. This hero knows that there’s no hope for victory or survival, but still rushes at Cal Kestis, ready to avenge the comrades he’s lost to the lone Jedi. He has no special powers, or weapons, or even backup, but Rick knows what he must do and doesn’t hesitate. That’s why Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players have been celebrating him.


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Rick the Door Technician is one of the most memorable bosses in Jedi: Survivor. In truth, he’s just a regular Scout Trooper with regular Scout Trooper attributes, but for some reason, he has the health bar of a named boss. The unlucky technician can be dispatched with just a regular swing of the lightsaber, and that’s what makes it so memorable and funny.

Over on the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Subreddit, players have been paying tribute to Rick and his shining moment. For instance, udkgab has created a movie poster for him, in typical Star Wars fashion. At the rate Disney is going, it won’t even be surprising if it turns out to be an actual movie.

“It was one of my favorite moments in a game in a long time,” commented 3SquirrelsinaCoat on the image. “I imagine it was a couple developers goofing around, maybe an inside joke, idk. For sure the best boss, as it nods to the reality of storm troopers encountering a Jedi.”

“I like how you’ve been grinding your way to the top of this station, and you see another boss with a huge bar of boss health. But the name is throwing you off. And that first hit you lay on him… beauty,” agreed brjacobso.

Another post by J4ckC00p3r puts Rick’s face on the Yhorm the Giant meme, with Cal in place of The Ashen One. To top it off, they used Tai Lung’s quote from Kung Fu Panda, “Finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!”

The appropriately named CulturalKnowledge331, posted a video of the encounter, with Rick running towards Cal, only to be blown away in one shot by his blaster. They compared it to that one scene in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indy one-shots that guy with the sword. That’s quite a tribute.

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