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Stylish Elves Await in the One Thousand Year Elf Beta – Starting this Month!

There’s a brand-new gacha RPG in town. One Thousand Year Elf is the latest fantasy gacha by Bilibili, and it seems to have caught the attention of quite a large audience. The One Thousand Year Elf beta test starts on March 8, and ruins until March 17, giving you plenty of time to test out the game for yourself. 

How to Join the One Thousand Year Elf Beta

If you want to participate in this open beta test, you need an Android device. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any information on an iOS release yet for the beta test, but we’ll keep an eye out for new announcements! You can even pre-download the One Thousand Year Elf beta early on March 7, so you delve right into the action when March 8 rolls around.

What Can We Do in the Game?

We don’t know much about this game at the moment, as it’s still pretty early in production – hence the open beta period! One Thousand Year Elf seems to focus on a heavily influenced fantasy setting with a variety of characters to collect. Despite the elven name, the roster includes a range of character designs with animal ears and those that appear to be human – though there are elves to collect too! 

As with many other gacha games, each character has their own unique abilities with flashy animations as they take part in combat, as seen in this gameplay preview video. The video also showcases a short clip of what looks to be mini-games within the gacha itself, such as racing and tending to a farm.

A neat little feature that we picked up on from the gameplay video is the accessory system. From the looks of it, we can equip characters with a variety of cosmetics, giving us an extra layer of customization. We’re quite excited about this game here at Droid Gamers, as the overall style and setting of the game certainly suit our personal tastes. 

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