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Steam tests out free trial system starting with Dead Space

Valve has just introduced a new trial system for video games on its Steam platform. From now until May 29, you can take EA’s Dead Space remake on a 90-minute playtest to see if you like it. Check out the Dead Space trailer right here:



Free to play for 90 minutes

Steam’s usual model is to release demo versions of games on their Demo page so that players can try and see if they like them. Invariably, these demos are only a couple of levels long. The new trial program allows you to play the whole game within the allotted 90-minute timespan. After that, you will need to buy the game in order to keep playing.

To use the free trial, simply log into your Steam account, go to the Dead Space page, and click the Play Now button. This will download the game and the timer will record how much time you have left to play. 



Note that Steam’s refund policy is separate from this, so if you change your mind about the game, you can still return it within the two-hour mark of game time.  

Thus far, Dead Space is the only game operating under this trial system, so the system itself may be a trial run to see if it works as a marketing strategy. So if you like the game and want to keep this new trial system going, remember to purchase Dead Space after playing it. You can purchase a Dead Space PC key at an affordable price from our comparator. Also, remember that the trial period will last only until May 29th.

And in case you’re thinking of speedrunning the trial, the current record for Dead Space is 1:44 minutes. If you’re feeling lucky, go for it.

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