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Sony report claims Nintendo’s “brand momentum” has been roughly flat since 2018

The Switch has been an absolutely ginormous success for Nintendo. The system wooed gamers right out of the gate, and that momentum has kept up for the better part of 6 years. The latest example of that is Switch being the #1 console in the United States last month, and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom selling over 10 million copies in 3 days, setting a new record for the franchise.

The statistics shared above are facts, but Sony also has some ‘facts’ they’d like to share. They did so in their recent Business Segment Meeting, which included a brand momentum report that compared Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. According to Sony, their momentum has been consistently higher than everyone else since 2018, and Nintendo has barely moved.

The chart above is the one that Sony shared to back up their claims about being the ‘Strong Gaming Brand,’ but many are pushing back on this report. First off, what data exactly is Sony looking into to measure out these numbers? Second, Sony Interactive Entertainment Global Brand Tracker of Brand Momentum is the source for this information, which is basically Sony saying they talked to Sony and found their information to be true.

In the grand scheme of things, silliness like this chart doesn’t really matter. Sure, there may be a few analysts or investors who are wooed by seeing things like this, but those who manage to barely scrape the surface can still spot that this report is a little dubious. Still though, you have to wonder how Sony could put this out and think it wouldn’t be immediately questioned.

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