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Side-scroller “Birger’s Tale” announced for Switch

Developer W.R.K.S Games has announced that they’re bringing the side-scroller Birger’s Tale to the Switch. We don’t have a price point, but we do know the game will arrive on Switch sometime later this year.

In Birger’s Tale, you meet Birger betrayed. By his wife, his village, and his past. Alone once again, he sets forth on a quest for redemption, his former glory and the search for Valhalla.

The game is a fast-paced action side scroller where we aim to provide a depth and gameplay level beyond what you would expect from this genre. Complex strategic melee combat, full 3d levels, verticality and depth in exploration. Fight with Birger’s powerful axe, enhance it with crafting and magical upgrades and beat adversaries and the environment in a brutal action beat-em-up that will keep the player discovering stunning visual landscapes while solving quests. Birger’s Tale is set in the Universe of Jordenheim, heavily inspired by Scandinavia during the Viking era – its is a land of danger, beauty, magic and glory. Join us and write your saga in the songs of heroes!

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