Saints Row Update Brings Enemy Weapon Nerfs And More

The latest Saints Row update, Bright Future, has arrived in Santo Ileso. Version 1.2 of Saints Row comes with over 200 improvements to the game’s mechanics and systems, including nerfs to enemy weaponry, improved open-world progression tiers, and more.

Volition revealed its intention to fix a lot of Saints Row‘s infamous jank last month. There, the studio promised to implement fixes that would make Santo Ileso a more satisfying place to explore, and judging by the latest Saints Row patch notes, that’s what the devs have tried to do. 

Several combat improvements have been made to the game, including nerfs to enemy SMGs and shotguns, as well as rebalanced Ultimate Challenges and aiming improvements. New Garages for vehicles have been added, along with more vehicle customization slots, so you can switch up your vehicles more easily.

Your firefights in Saints Row should go a little more smoothly after the new update.

As well as these improvements, you’ll also find that new open-world progression tiers have been added. More Saints gang members will now roam the streets when you’ve completed certain activities. This is alongside a host of UI and UX improvements like a voice pitch slider, new color swatch options, and PS5 haptic trigger support for weapons, which should make your firefights a bit more immersive.

The Saints Row reboot was released back in August this year to a chorus of ambivalent or negative reviews. While some praised its throwback sandbox gameplay, others complained that the game was buggy and seemed unfinished. It’s currently sitting at a rather unflattering 63% rating on OpenCritic, so it’s clear that Volition has its work cut out for it if it wants to convince people that Saints Row is worth a playthrough.

With that said, there does seem to be something of a divide between critics and audiences on this one. Saints Row‘s critical reception has been lukewarm, but a recent Embracer financial report (accompanying news of a Dead Island 2 delay) revealed that Saints Row has performed reasonably well commercially. Seems the bad reviews didn’t turn players off too much, although a fair few might have bought it before they knew it was as broken as it was.

If you want to see everything that’s new, be sure to check out the Saints Row patch notes for the Bright Future update. Saints Row is available to buy right now on PC via the Epic Games Store, as well as on PlayStation consoles and Xbox platforms. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more Saints Row news.

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