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RuneScape’s Fort Forinthry: Murder on the Border storyline will introduce a classic whodunit mystery with a twist

Last month, RuneScape kicked off its brand new storyline, Fort Forinthry. The first set of quests was titled New Foundations, and it tasked players with building their own fort as Zamorakian forces moved closer to Geilinor. The new update will add some Knives Out-like action combined with the iconic 90s gameplay.

RuneScape’s latest update is called Fort Forinthry: Murder on the Border and it is set to carry forward New Foundations’ storyline. It sees players put on their thinking hats as a banquet party hosted by them has turned into a crime scene. The action will ensue on March 20th.

After building the new stronghold, players took on the role of the Dukes, Duchesses, or Duxes of Fort Forinthry. Following this, they were invited by King Roald who decided to host a celebration in honour of the fort’s construction. The seemingly happy event soon became as chaotic as it could, when a murder took place.

With everything going haywire, players are forced to take matters into their own hands and investigate the crime. One of the stewards, Aster, will offer a helping hand since he has been regarded as a wannabe detective. Players must team up with him to hunt down the killer.

The entire mystery will unfold in point-and-click style as players will solve various challenges using the new Clue interface. The new UI can be used to view all the collected clues, spot any information that would’ve missed the naked eye, and even look at profiles for all the suspects.

The real killer is present at the party and it is up to players to deduce the killer and their motive. Murder on the Border offers classic whodunit action with a beloved RuneScape twist.

But before players go all Sherlock Holmes, they will be tasked with building a kitchen for the cooking skill. It will add bonuses like a decreased chance of burning food, access to a cooking supply shop, and cooking XP boosts.

Download RuneScape now for free and be prepared to solve a murder.

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