RuneScape Halloween 2022 brings spooky cosmetics, rewards, and an XP boost

Halloween has come to RuneScape and will run for two weeks, from October 24 to November 6. In a recent news post, the team behind RuneScape revealed information regarding the spooky cosmetics, rewards, boosts, and the new mini-quest. 

We’ve included all the information below so you can participate in this year’s RuneScape Halloween Celebrations. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

RuneScape Halloween Celebration Guide

How to Begin

To get started with the spooky season at RuneScape, players will need to visit Draynor Manor. 

New Mini-Quest

At the manor, a mysterious woman appears who is all too interested in vampyres. Players must speak with Death or Luna in the Manor grounds to start the quest.

Once you’ve completed it, you will be rewarded with the following:

  • A new outfit – the Vampyric Regalia 
  • 1,000 Spooky Tokens
  • a +2% increase to the Spooky Time buff, for a potential total of 14%! (More on Spooky Time further down this post).

Spooky Activities 

This year’s Halloween celebration activities will allow you to earn spooky tokens, and each activity is linked to a different mini-quest. 

Fragmented Souls

In this activity, you are to help four fragmented souls moving through the courtyard. As Death hosts this activity, you’ll need to finish Death’s mini-quest first.

Plague Soup

In this activity, you’ll need to gather 25 of each vegetable type using one of the three crates in the area and take them to the cauldron. As Pestilence hosts this activity, you’ll need to finish Pestilence’s mini-quest first.

Doggy Bones

In the activity, Death’s hellhound wants a treat. So, you’ll need to use Muncher’s space and search the grave area next to Death’s Dogwalker for bones. As Death’s Dogwalker hosts this activity, you’ll need to finish the Death’s Dogwalker mini-quest first.

Shooting Gallery

In this activity, you’ll need to use the three cannons to destroy sea creatures spawning in three lanes. As Ed is hosting this activity, you must finish his mini-quest first. 

Skeleton Invasion

In this activity, you must dispatch skeletons spawning in the area using the four abilities you’ve unlocked after completing Greg’s mini-quest. 

Spooky Time Buff

Players who complete all Halloween mini-quests will receive up to 14% more XP. The buff occurs every three hours and each Spooky Time Buff session lasts an hour. 

Halloween Rewards


Players can claim a Halloween reward every day when they log in for the first time. The rewards can also be collected by speaking with Death on the Draynor Manor grounds. Please note that Iron players aren’t eligible for daily rewards. 

Reward Shop

In this year’s Death’s Spooky Reward Shop, there are 20 items for you to collect, including two new items, the Renegade Armour and Death’s Death Mask. The Web Cloak will be back in stock too. 


To help you complete the Halloween Activities, Death has created some boosts which can be purchased at the rewards shop.

  • Famine’s Feast: Plague Soup: Gather six ingredients simultaneously rather than three while gathering the correct ingredient.
  • Frank’s Fibula Finder: Doggy Bones: Discover bones from a longer distance.
  • Death’s Fastness: Fragmented Souls: Additional souls appear for you to help.
  • War’s Repeat: Skeleton Invasion: Ability cooldowns are reduced by 50%.
  • Pests’ Precision: Shooting Gallery: Increase the firing rate of the cannons.

Treasure Hunter: Grim Harvest

This year’s Halloween celebrations bring back Grim Harvest on October 27 with new cosmetics. Players can earn three creepy face coverings through the Harvest Bonus. They include the Boolap Bag, Spooky Hare, and Spooky Ghost Masks.

In addition, a new tradable Purple Halloween mask can be found with any Key used in Grim Harvest. Also, with every Key you use, you will be granted H’oddments that you can use in the seasonal store. 

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