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Rumoured Actor For GTA 6’s Main Character Seems To Be Trolling Fans

An actor who is speculated to be playing one of the two main characters in Grand Theft Auto 6 seems to be trolling fans who are waiting for an official announcement, including dressing up in an outfit that’s nearly identical to the one shown in the leaks.

Ever since Take-Two not-so-subtly hinted that GTA 6 could be launching next year during an earnings report, the wait for an official reveal from Rockstar has seemed even longer than before. Fans are certain that there’s an announcement right around the corner and, while that usually seems like a hefty dose of copium, it’s seemed a little more plausible over the past few weeks after Bryan Zampella, an actor who has been rumoured for some time to be playing one of the game’s leads, has started teasing fans.


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The rumours of Zampella being involved with GTA 6 have been swirling around for some time, starting all the way back in 2016 when he posted a photo with a former Rockstar camera artist. Since then, Zampella has shared Instagram posts with the tag “#vicecity” and made jokes about knowing his way around a parking lot, which all seemed to be hinting towards some kind of involvement with the game.

Then, when gameplay of GTA 6 leaked last year, many were quick to point out that Zampella bore some resemblance to one of the game’s leads, rumoured to be called Jason, making Zampella’s hints seem a little more concrete. Last week, Zampella posted a picture of himself in a Hawaiian shirt underneath some palm trees, which once again was taken as a tease by GTA fans, even if it could have just been a nice photo.

I was willing to assume that fans were looking too closely into things with Zampella’s post last week, but his latest one really toes the line between a tease and a troll. Over on Zampella’s Instagram story, he shared an image of himself looking out across the ocean at sunset. That doesn’t mean anything, but it’s worth pointing out that he’s wearing the exact same clothes that Jason wore in the leaked GTA 6 footage, which seems like a purposeful choice.

Some GTA fans have taken this as a soft confirmation that Zampella is one of the leads in the upcoming game, but it’s also possible that he’s aware that people think he’s involved and is just messing around with everyone for a bit of fun. YouTuber LegacyKillaHD commented on the situation, saying that he’s heard from a source that he’s not playing Jason in the game and is just trolling people, which at this point seems more likely than him being in the game.

I’m leaning towards this being a big troll and Zampella being aware of the rumours and leaning into them for fun. Rockstar would surely be on him the second anything seemed out of place. That doesn’t mean he’s not in the game, but it doesn’t seem likely that he’s playing Jason.

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