Rez Infinite announced for PlayStation 5 release on February 22 with PS VR2 compatibility

Rez Infinite is a remastered version of SEGA‘s acclaimed 2001 psychedelic rail-shooter Rez. This version was developed by Monstars Inc. and Resonair, published by Enhance. Rez Infinite was first made available for PlayStation 4 in 2016 and PC in 2017. 

Recently, publisher Enhance announced that Rez Infinite will finally arrive on PlayStation 5 with PS VR2 compatibility and exclusive features on February 22nd. Take a look at Rez Infinite – Release Date Trailer | PS5, PS VR2, courtesy of Enhance’s official Youtube channel:

Rez Infinite is a musical on-rail shooter game in which players may enjoy 360 degrees of mind-blowing synesthesia with colors and sounds that sync and merge to the rhythm of Rez’s iconic techno soundtrack, as they blast through waves of enemies and giant bosses. The remastered version also includes the free-movement shooting-adventure pseudo-sequel-stage, Area X.

Apart from enhanced soundscapes and visuals, here are the new features exclusive to PS5 and PS VR2, as detailed in the Rez Infinite release date trailer description:

Eye Tracking 

For the first time, PS VR2’s eye-tracking technology allows players to track and aim at enemies using just their eyes.

Enhanced Haptic Feedback 

The dynamic haptics of both the DualSense controller and the PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers make Rez Infinite an even more tactile experience than ever before. From locking onto enemies in Rez to accelerating through Area X, haptic vibrations truly bring the action to life.

PS VR2 Headset Feedback 

In addition to the vibrations of the PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers, players will also feel subtle haptics in their PS VR2 headsets for a deeper, more physical sensory experience.


HDR comes to Rez Infinite for the first time on PS5. 

Transfer saved data from the PS4 version to PS5 

Download and transfer PS4 save data to the PS5 using cloud or extended storage or connect to the same network and transfer data directly from PS4 to PS5.

You may add Rez Infinite to your PlayStation Store wishlist now to be notified when it releases for PlayStation 5.

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