PUBG: New State’s January 2023 update adds a new season and an overhaul to the game’s mechanics

Krafton has just released a new update for PUBG New State. Version 0.9.44 of the battle royale is set to bring a new season and loads of balancing changes. Survivor Pass Vol. 15 will go live with a number of guns, vehicles, and other items being revamped to make the gameplay experience fair for everyone.

PUBG New State’s January 2023 update kicks off with balancing for weapons. The goal was to make gunplay more dynamic such that each weapon feels distinct from the other. Long-distance damage for most types has been scaled down and shooting motions have been adjusted. The position of each gun will now be specified so they can be used in the right circumstances.

The Vcab is now faster while other vehicles have had a slight decrease in speed but with a health boost to even things out. Motorbikes will now be more stable and boats will feature greater durability. Things will be different on the drone’s front as well. they are now cheaper and have reduced cooldown times.

Battle Royale season seven will go live with tiers being based on the final tier of last season. The tiering system receives rebalancing as well as kill points have been increased and the penalty for dying early has been reduced. Ranking points will also have a decreased effect. A few other changes have taken place as well.

The update also sees the addition of the fifteenth volume of New State Mobile’s Survivor Pass. It has been spearheaded by the Keeper from Project Dream Runner. Players can obtain his skin by completing all the story quests. Those that spend NC Coins and upgrade to the premium pass will also get the Dream Runner Keeper.

Experiences all these new changes and the Survivor Pass by downloading PUBG New State now for free.

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