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Proton Experimental upgraded to fix the EA App failing to update on Steam Deck & Linux

When the EA App replaced Origin on Steam, it came with a whole bunch of problems for gamers on Steam Deck and Linux desktop. Now, it should hopefully be sorted in Proton Experimental.

Initially Valve had to put out an update in early November to fix the EA App being blank in Proton, and everything seemed fine. That was until the EA App was updated, it broke — every time. You had to work around it, which I covered in a brief guide recently to fix it when it died but it seems that should no longer be the case in the latest Proton Experimental release for December 8th.

Newly playable for this update is eXceed – Gun Bullet Children. Other fixes:

  • Fix EA Desktop failing to update rendering games unplayable (may require a few game restarts).
  • Fix Forza Horizon having wrong default mappings with Logitech G920 wheel.
  • Fix experimental regression: Star Wars: The Old Republic launcher failing to open.

Hopefully this will fix it properly this time! What a damn nuisance extra launchers are.

Changelog available here. As a reminder (for desktop), you now need Mesa 22 / Nvidia drivers 510.47 or newer for Proton Experimental. Steam Deck is fine.

Need to know how to change the Proton version used? See the below video:

Text guide (Steam Deck):

  • Pick a game and head to the little COG icon on the right.
  • Click Properties, then Compatibility on the left.
  • Make sure the tickbox is done, then select Proton Experimental from the dropdown.

On a Linux desktop:

  • Right click a game, go to Properties.
  • Compatibility on the left.
  • Make sure the tickbox is done, then select Proton Experimental from the dropdown.

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