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Portal Games’ Thorgal introduces new “Journey” action, but creator debates name choice – Tabletop Gaming News

Portal Games has previewed an update on their upcoming board game, Thorgal, with a new action called Journey. The team at Portal Games is excited about the new feature, but there seems to be some debate about the name.

In the latest update, Portal Games reveals that the Journey action represents exploration within a given area, searching for sources of resources, secrets, rumors, or unique finds. Players will use a deck of cards to mark the areas they are exploring, with each card containing interesting places where you can find metal, learn rumors, or even encounter something unexpected.

The Journey action is an alternative way for players to quickly acquire a small amount of resources, earn Experience Points, and discover sources of resources in the area, so they can later use the action of Gathering them. Each of the Player Characters has their own exploration ability, which indicates how well they navigate the terrain. Players can earn Experience Points during the game and spend them on development, including obtaining better, more diverse shapes, to be more efficient in the Journey action.

To add an element of unpredictability and mystery to the Journey action, the team at Portal Games introduced two random elements. Firstly, every time players discover a new Journey card, they will discover something unique. Secondly, some cards feature an encounter icon represented by “?”. When players decide to place their marker on such a space, they draw a card from the event deck, which can provide cool bonuses but are random and unpredictable.

Despite the excitement about the new action, there seems to be some debate about the name. The game’s creator does not like the name Journey and has been trying to change it for some time. The team at Portal Games is now turning to their community for help in finding a new name that better suits the action.

Thorgal is a board game based on the popular Thorgal comic book series by Jean Van Hamme and Grzegorz Rosiński. The game is currently being previewed on Gamefound.


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