Pixel-art open-world pirating adventure Arcane Waters is now in Early Access

I just finished watching all of Black Sails (which was fantastic) and was in the mood for some pirating fun, so the Early Access release of Arcane Waters makes for good timing. This is a new pixel-art open-world single-player and online pirating adventure game. 

Featuring a great big mix of gameplay mechanics including trading, exploration, combat, and farming. You get to explore handcrafted sea and land maps, sail to visit remote towns to trade goods, hunt for treasure in dangerous waters and lands filled with monsters, or play against other pirates in PvP sea battles. After you’ve done all that, go back to your farm to tend to your crops and make some more monies to buy and upgrade your fleet.

The developer expects to remain in Early Access until some time next year. Currently it has a few of the unique regions ready to explore, with 7 planned for the full game but they said the core gameplay elements are done and included in the game right now.


  • Embark on thrilling online co-op voyages. Work together with a group of up to 6 real-life people and explore unchart- ed territories. Rogue pirates and monsters await you in the waters and on land. Can you survive and get the treasure waiting for you at the end?
  • Battle in intense online PvP arenas. Two teams of up to 24 fight against each other in MOBA-like arenas. Destroy the enemy’s towers and base before they destroy your’s!
  • Farm, craft & trade. When you need a break from all of the action, enjoy farming, crafting new equipment and trading your items all across the world!

Check it out on Steam. Available on Steam with Native Linux support.

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