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Pete Davidson Birth Chart | POPSUGAR Celebrity

Pete Davidson may be known for his sense of humor, but he’s also grabbed headlines for his relationships. The 29-year-old comedian has been engaged to Ariana Grande and dated Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski, and Kate Beckinsale, and he’s currently romancing Chase Sui Wonders. His infamous BDE has been the topic of conversation over the years while he’s built up a roster of former flames and popularity in the media.

Although Davidson can be counted on for a laugh, the last few years haven’t been easy, since this hilarious actor is currently going through his Saturn return! Saturn returns happen between the ages of 27 to 29 and occur when transit Saturn is returning to the same sign, degree, and house as your natal Saturn. Since Saturn is considered a malefic teacher planet, wild changes usually happen during a Saturn return since we are working through challenging, karmic lessons. For Davidson, his Saturn return would feature significant personal and professional milestones. Some examples would be his movie “The King of Staten Island,” dating former flame Phoebe Dynevor, being cast in “The Suicide Squad,” attending the 2022 Met Gala with Kardashian, his “Saturday Night Live” departure, and starring in forthcoming horror movie “The Home.”

As Davidson nears the end of his Saturn return, there’s no doubt that his astrological placements are in for an incredibly powerful professional come-up in the next year! Let’s look into his birth-chart placements to see where Davidson’s ambition, sense of humor, and BDE come from.

The Big 3

The core components of any birth chart would be the big three — the sun sign, the moon sign, and the rising sign. All three placements summarize your personality, emotional reactions, intuition, first impression, and look. Depending on what zodiac sign corresponds with each placement, this adds even more depth about the placement and how it can show up in your life. If you would like to calculate your big three, then you will need your birth date, time, and place. Although Davidson’s birth time and place are available online, his birth time is a mystery, so we don’t know enough information to calculate a complete birth chart for him.

Scorpio Sun

The sun sign is arguably one of the most important parts of your birth chart since some astrologers argue that the sun sign can dictate anywhere between 80 to 90 percent of your personality. Since the sun sign is significant, it rules over your core ego and how you embody your vitality. As a Scorpio sun, Davidson is no stranger to radical changes in his love life and periods of intense physical transformations. Although Scorpio suns are known for their intensity, this can also be an irresistible sun sign — even Martha Stewart would agree that Davidson is undoubtedly charming!

Scorpio suns are usually incredibly sexy, which totally explains Davidson’s infamous BDE! Davidson’s sensual Scorpio energy seems to be his most notable attribute, especially after his highly publicized relationships. However, Davidson’s love affairs do attract hurt feelings, like being dissed in Kanye West’s song “Eazy.” Even if his love life is a hot topic in the media, Davidson remains a mystery and never reveals too much unless joking around like a true Scorpio sun.

Capricorn Moon

If the sun sign is an outward expression of your personality, then the moon sign is the inward expression since this is your secret self. The moon sign represents how you express, process, and appraise your emotions on a more introverted level. Capricorn moon can be considered a challenging placement, but it can also amplify ambition, pragmatism, and productivity. Davidson’s Capricorn moon is likely a major astrological contributor to his now outstanding career as a comedian.

As a driven yet unrecognizable young comedian, Davidson began working at “SNL” at 20 years old and was one of the youngest cast members to join the production. Since then, his Capricorn moon has intuitively created a career around his dry sense of humor, charm, and Scorpionic BDE. Aside from his ambition to become an established comedian and actor, Davidson’s Capricorn moon also shows up in his love life. While this isn’t a super-romantic astrological placement, Davidson’s Capricorn moon could also be credited for his romances with established, well-liked celebrities, which would undoubtedly influence Davidson’s celebrity status.

Unknown Rising

While the sun and moon sign placements are our truest selves, these placements might not be immediately noticeable since the rising sign illustrates your first impression and how you look. Unfortunately, Davidson’s birth time isn’t public knowledge, so we don’t know for sure what his rising sign may be. Although this is disappointing, it’s also on the nose for someone who has a secretive Scorpio stellium, such as Davidson! But his Scorpio stellium can’t hide for long, especially after seeing “The King of Staten Island” and glimpses of Davidson’s life featured in his new “Bupkis” series.

Personal Planets

Similar to the big three, the personal planets signify other key traits in your birth chart and include Mercury, Venus, and Mars. These three placements can refer to your aesthetic, commitments, ambitions, and communication skills. Personal planets would likely manifest in Davidson’s love life, sense of humor, and style.

Scorpio Mercury

When it comes to communication and mental agility, this is Mercury’s domain! For Davidson, his natal Mercury is in the dark and twisty Scorpio. Usually, Scorpio Mercury can be intense since this placement usually prefers talking about unsettling subjects. However, this placement works exceptionally well for Davidson since he’s famous for his dark sense of humor. A Scorpio Mercury like Davidson would get a kick out of making fun of his sex-symbol status and roasting his exes. Plus, it’s no surprise that raunchy humor would be his cup of tea since he couldn’t keep it together during his Manscaped ad!

Scorpio Venus

In astrology, Venus rules over love, beauty, and money. Scorpio Venus tends to be a tricky astrological placement to have since Venus isn’t considered especially strong or auspicious in Scorpio. However, this can also be an excellent placement for intense relationships, pushing the boundaries with aesthetics, and embracing your seductive energy. Davidson’s Scorpio Venus shows up in his whirlwind romances. Aside from Davidson’s former flames, Davidson’s Venusian placement is even linked to his extreme style changes and transformations. It’s no wonder that Davidson changes his appearance during and after every intense romance, from his hair to his tattoos.

Sagittarius Mars

Mars is associated with anger, aggression, sex, and ambition. Sagittarius Mars is typically upbeat since this Mars sign has a voracious appetite for life, adventure, and sex. Although Davidson has a sultry Scorpio stellium, his Sagittarius Mars might be where his BDE comes from! Now, this may seem surprising, but his Sagittarius Mars would give him a larger-than-life sex appeal since Davidson’s Sagittarius Mars is oozing with charisma, humor, and confidence. Not only does this affect his sex life, but Davidson’s enthusiastic Sagittarius Mars might also be the reason for his career as an actor and comedian.

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