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One Piece Chapter 1074 Spoilers Tease The Return Of Vivi

Ahead of the release of One Piece Chapter 1074, new spoilers have revealed that Vivi is still alive.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1074After a long break, One Piece is finally returning later this week with Chapter 1074, and as usual, the spoilers for the upcoming chapter are already out before its official release. The spoilers tease that the upcoming chapter will keep its major focus on Egghead Island, whilst the search for Vegapunk will also continue. Mark III, sent by Sentoumara, will attack CPO Agents. But the most notable moment from the chapter is Vivi’s return, who was considered dead by some fans for a long time.


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One Piece Chapter 1074 Spoilers

The upcoming chapter will be titled “Mark III,” and it will start with CPO agents who stayed in “Fabriophase” being attacked by 50 units of Mark III, a new Pacifista model. They wear sunglasses and different kinds of uniforms, and they can also use a technique called “Bubble Shield,” a slime-like shield developed by Vegapunk. CPO agents remark that the new Pacifistas are far superior to the prototypes Marine used in Marineford’s “Paramount War.” It is then revealed that Sentoumaru is the one to have released the new Pacifistas, and he ordered them to assist Vegapunk in escaping Egghead Island with the Straw Hat crew.

The scene cuts to Stussy, who arrives where Vegapunk clones and Straw Hat crew are with the four Seraphim. Lucci and Kaku are sleeping at the moment. They decide to search for the real Vegapunk individually; however, Zoro and Luffy refuse to go with them, and Sanji asks to go along with Stussy. Luffy is too tired of all the fighting and running, and he also breaks his “DOM” shoes which help him fly. On the other hand, Zoro decides not to go as he doesn’t want to get lost in the lab. So they both decide to stay and protect Lucci and Kaku.

The next panel shows Bonney in some kind of memory world, which looks like a grass field, and Vegapunk is not with her at the moment. She then sees the shadow of a castle and some Tenryuubito and then sees young Kuma being abused by some unknown people, as they are not Tenryuubito. He is forced to go somewhere where he knows he will be killed. The next scene takes us to the lab where Pythagoras is looking for the real Vegapunk. He senses something unusual, and suddenly, the part of the building where he is standing explodes.

Frontier Dome barriers are down again, and Vegapunk’s clones are unable to close them. Shaka tries to figure out a way to fix the problem, as they will get shot by CPO if they try to go out at the moment. The scene then cuts outside Egghead Island, where we see World Economy Newspaper’s ships flying in the sky, and most importantly, Vivi is spotted in the ship with Morgans and Wapol. Similar to Vivi, Wapol is also hiding from the World Government, so he tells Vivi to lower her voice as the World Government’s devices might be hidden somewhere in the ship.

Morgan wonders what headline he should use to cover the news regarding Luffy’s presence on Egghead Island, and he finally comes up with “Yonkou “Straw Hat Luffy” took Vegapunk as hostage, took over Egghead Island, and is about to start a war against the Marines.” He then tells his men to collect some money from the World Government, and Vivi is angry at Morgans and states that Luffy would never do such a thing.

Morgans lashes out at Vivi, stating that yesterday she was crying, and now she is telling him how to do his job. He then states that he’s the only one who can shake this world, and whether it’s a lie or truth, it doesn’t matters as the newspaper is entertainment.

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