Of Blades & Tails is a fresh turn-based action-RPG now in Early Access

Looking for your next action RPG with turn-based combat? Inspired by the classic Point & Click Adventure Inherit the Earth, Of Blades & Tails is out in Early Access.

In Of Blades & Tails you play Reik, an inquisitive member of the proud Fox Tribe. After a series of unfortunate events forces him to leave his home behind, Reik embarks on a quest to preserve the peace of the realm. Venture into the outside world and gain enough experience to fight a mysterious evil endangering the innocent and corrupting the once quiet forests with fearsome enemies.

Trailer below:

Game Features:

  • Designed for a consistent experience, with No Permadeath in the game, players’ progress is encounter-based and is always saved when entering a new area.
  • Turn-based Combat that rewards quick decision-making and strategic gameplay.
  • An Open World with plenty of curious secrets to discover.
  • Set in a world filled with Anthropomorphic Denizens, and featuring a vibrant pixel art style.
  • Challenge yourself by braving Procedurally Generated Dungeons for even greater rewards.
  • Customize your hero with Classless Character Development unlocking a variety of abilities on your journey.

Available to buy on GOG and Steam with Native Linux support.

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