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Nintendo posts multiple overview trailers for Fire Emblem Engage :

If it seems like I’ve written a lot lately about Fire Emblem Engage, that would be because we’re only days away from release. So it’s non-stop promotion now from Nintendo about what the game truly is, how it differs from Three Houses, and what players can expect from the upcoming Tactical-RPG. 

The first trailer, The Divine Dragon Awakens, showcases the story you can expect to see.

The second trailer, Welcome To Somniel, lets players get their first look at the hub world between battles. Somniel is where you’ll be able to talk to other teammates, restock supplies, work out for stat boosts in upcoming skirmishes, and own a farm? Huh. Neat!

Finally, Engage With Emblems gives players the first look at some ring abilities from previous Fire Emblem favorite lords such as Corrin, Byleth, and Lyn. Frankly, this is the most intriguing trailer to me as these abilities look to transform fights significantly. Get rid of hazards, boost stats mid-battle, and five attacks at once! This game is going to have a chokehold on me. 

Fire Emblem Engage releases exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023. What do you think about all the new features? Will you be picking up the title and working to save Elyos? Let us know in the comments below!

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