Netflix is hiring talent for a ‘brand new triple-A PC game’

Netflix is currently hiring for what it’s calling a triple-A PC game, according to new job listings.

As spotted by, the entertainment company is looking for a game director at its new LA-based development studio.

“We’re looking for a creative and highly-skilled Game Director to help us forge the game direction and creative vision on a brand-new AAA PC game,” the listing reads.

“As Game Director, you will be the creative leader of one of Netflix’s first generation of internally developed original games.”

Although no further details are given about the game, the listing does end by saying that “experience with FPS and/or third-person shooter games is preferred”.

Netflix vice president of games Mike Verdu stated last month that the company would be opening a new LA studio, confirming that it would be led by Overwatch executive producer Chacko Sonny.

Sonny left Blizzard in September 2021 as one of a number of high-profile Blizzard departures taking place at the time, with a Blizzard statement saying he was leaving “to take some time off”.

“We are starting another organic new studio in Southern California, this time around Chacko Sonny, who oversaw production on God of War Ascenion for Santa Monica and oversaw a portofilo of their games, and then was executive producer of a little game franchise called Overwatch,” Verdu confirmed during a discussion at a TechCrunch Disrupt event.

“He could have gone anywhere, he could have raised money, he could have done anything and he chose to come here. We are building a team around him and looking to him to reinvent what games can be.”

Explaining how Sonny’s hiring was evidence of Netflix’s ongoing commitment to making games, Verdu added: “You don’t get people like that coming to your organisation to build the next big thing in gaming unless there’s a sense that we’re in it for the long haul and the right reasons.”

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