NBA 2K21 server shutdown date announced for December 2022

NBA 2K21, the divisive sports game from 2020, will finally shut down its servers on December 31st, 2022. As a result, fans won’t have access to any of its major features like ranked, online league games, MyTEAM, online PvP, or any mode that involves VC. Further, fans won’t be able to purchase the game anymore on January 1, 2023. Here’s the full statement from NBA 2K’s feed:

2K has finally decided to end NBA 2K21’s run, and fan responses have been mixed as ever. Naturally, most players have been wishing for older servers, which did tend to run more effectively. For a variety of reasons, later games haven’t been able to perform as well, but there are defenders of 2K21.

The basketball series has always been a mixed bag, at times only seeming to chug along out of obligation. It’s crucial to include exciting new players, updating teams and the like. But the gameplay features have consistently been altered with each of 2K’s sequels, and there have been some winners now and then.

As a result, everyone has their own personal favorite, depending on which features were offered and how well the servers performed. For every fan who champions a particular installment, there’s another who flat out despises it. This is just a finnicky genre, which mostly relies on fan support for the basketball culture, or the teams and players involved.

Fans quickly drummed up a series of comparisons between 2K and other studios, who have been willing to invest in upholding much older servers, such as Call of Duty. Of course, that’s one of the leading franchises in the entire industry. But it would be nice to reminisce in older parks or courts of 2K’s series.

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