MultiVersus teases competitive play as its ranked mode alpha test begins

Warner Bros. free to play licensed brawler MultiVersus is testing its ranked mode for a week starting today, devs Player First Games have announced. Hop into the game from 5pm GMT/6pm CET/9am PT today and you’ll find the ranked tab is accessible for the first time. Select that and you should be good to go with ranked play. Player First say they’ll be enabling ranked mode permanently once they’ve implemented any useful feedback from the alpha.

Hear the RPS team talk about their favourite MultiVersus characters.

It’s nearly time for MultiVersus to begin season two anyway, which conveniently begins just as the ranked mode test draws to a close on November 15th. All of season one’s promised characters are now present in the fighting game, with Black Adam rocking up alongside the arrival of arcade mode at the end of October. Player First haven’t confirmed new characters for the second season of MultiVersus just yet, but I’m still holding out hope Batman’s archnemesis the Joker, voiced by animated series actor Mark Hamill, will jump into the game soon.

Speaking of rankings, we placed MultiVersus on our list of the best free games on PC recently. Ed took the game for his spin as it entered open beta back in summer, and thought being free helped MultiVersus move out from the shadow of Smash Bros. “This is huge! And despite my misgivings, it still has a level of polish that surpasses any free-to-play Smash-likes,” he said. “Learn to cut through its barrage of boxes and cooldowns, and you’re left with a cracking fighting game that’s only going to evolve over the coming months.”

MultiVersus is a free to play download on Steam and the Epic Games Store. I’ll keep you updated so you know when ranked mode goes live permanently.

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