Mining sandbox adventure Core Keeper update The Desert of Beginning is live

Core Keeper is a total gem of a game and now it’s much bigger, with The Desert of Beginning update out now. This is the 1-8 player game where you mine underground, collect resources, build your little base and explore. It’s really great and gives a feeling somewhere between Minecraft and Terraria.

Some of what’s new in this update includes:

  • New biome: Desert of Beginnings.
  • New sub-biome in the Desert: Molten Quarry.
  • 6 new enemies, a titan boss, a side-boss and other critters.
  • Go-Karts. Travel in style.
  • You can fish inside a Boat or Minecart.
  • 40+ new weapons and equipment.
  • New music tracks.
  • Multiple new unique locations.
  • Absolutely loads more.

See the trailer below:

It has Native Linux support and it is  Steam Deck Verified! It’s also on my list of top smaller and more casual games available to play on Steam Deck.

Core Keeper is available to buy from Humble Store and Steam.

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