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Microsoft Urges Gamers To Touch Grass With New Velocity Green Xbox Controller

The new Xbox Velocity Green controller joins Microsoft’s growing line of various controller shades. Aside from the basic “Black,” gamers can also purchase a controller in “Shock Blue,” “Pulse Red,” “Deep Pink,” and “Electric Volt.” Some of these shades are eye-watering due to how bright they are, but others are more balanced. Velocity Green lands somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, and if the comments on Twitter are anything to go by, it might become a fan favorite — especially due to the fact that it sports a variant of Xbox’s signature colors.

Much like the rest of the lineup, the new controller is wireless and supports Bluetooth. You can pair it with an Xbox Series X, Series S, or Xbox One, but it can also be used with a Windows PC, on Android, and even on iOS. While it sounds lovely, it’s hard not to remark on the fact that this controller is much more expensive than the rest of the lineup, at least in the official Microsoft Xbox store. 

This could be due to the fact that the other “special” colors are discounted, though. Velocity Green is currently priced at $65; the other models used to cost just as much, but they’ve all seen considerable price cuts since then. For now, if you want to own the latest and most spring-appropriate Xbox controller, you’ll have to spend a little extra cash.

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