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LifeAfter launches Season 5: Power of Mutation, exploring the Third Source and its abilities

Last week, NetEase announced a brand new update for its doomsday survival game LifeAfter, which introduces Season 5: Power of Mutation. The new season has finally launched and will bring the new Ark City, Ark Knights faction, and also the Ark Knight profession. The name of the update also points to what’s about to happen as players will now be able to use the Power of Mutation from the Source, to gain enhancements of all sorts.

After all the happenings of the 2nd Outbreak, a hidden place has been discovered in the remote sea named Ark City, which will be at the forefront of LifeAfter’s Season 5: Power of Mutation. Here lies the Source, which is protected by the Ark Knights led by Mayor Fred.


The faction found a Third Source whose Mutation Liquid is capable of being used as energy. While there is a tonne of benefits and technological breakthroughs that can be achieved using this, it all comes at a cost. The Source can enter an unstable state called Infection Tide, where it, you guessed it, attracts hordes of the Infected.

Speaking of the Infected, there’s a new kind floating around that has been affected by the Source. They now have the power of scorched rock, spore, and crystal. You do not want to be messing with them. So, Ark City developed a weapon augment called Mutation Core, that adds an extra punch when it comes to these enhanced zombies.

The new Ark Knight profession is one that grants the ability to exploit the Power of Mutation. The occupation’s core is Mutation Resonance, which gives a damage bonus when the Mutation Core is used. Resonance accumulates when shooting or taking damage and when a maximum is attained, the next reload becomes fast Resonated, allowing the buff to be applied.

Take part in this new season now by downloading LifeAfter for free.

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