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Lego Mini-Figure Fuels Rumors It’s Working On A Football Game With 2K

If you don’t like the sound of EA Sports FC, maybe a Lego football game will replace FIFA for you moving forward.

There were reports earlier this year that Lego and 2K may well be working together to create a line of sports games. Those reports have been corroborated further this week as a 2K-branded image of a Lego footballer has been discovered online.

Discovered by 1414falconfan on Lego’s certification page, and reported by VGC, the figure is a football player wearing a Barcelona kit and a helmet reminiscent of Barney the Dinosaur. VGC refers to it as a purple shark head which, while still odd, seems far more likely. The player is called Finnius Dash, a character seemingly absent from all other Lego games.

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The Barca kit suggests 2K and Lego may have officially partnered up with some actual teams for its unannounced football project. The figure being named Finnius Dash further suggests if there is an agreement in place, it doesn’t extend to the names of the players. No Lego Lionel Messi if that is the case. More importantly, confirmation of the project will mean Lego’s video games branching out from TT Games for the first time since 2005.

Owned by Warner Bros, TT Games has had an exclusivity deal with Lego for more than two decades. It’s believed while Lego will continue to work with TT, its exclusivity deal has expired, potentially opening the door for the iconic toy company to work with 2K. As for when something official might be announced, Thursday’s Game Awards seems a likely platform. Especially if Lego and 2K want to capitalize on the World Cup hype.

If Lego does have a football game launching soon, it will further alter the changing landscape of the genre as the long-running FIFA era comes to an end. FIFA 23 will be the last game in the series developed by EA as the studio will go it alone via EA Sports FC starting next year. FIFA’s president has promised there will be games carrying the governing body’s name in the future, but if it’s looking for a studio to make those games, 2K might well be off the table.

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