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League of Legends sprawls out with CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story

convergence a league of legends story

2021’s Arcane – the League of Legends TV show – took the world by storm upon release, and it is no surprise that Riot and their partners have been working hard to bring the LoL narrative to video games in a brand new way. Enter, CONVERGENCE!

CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story has released today on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC, and is a story-driven, fast-paced 2D action platformer, complete with unique combat opportunities. Playing as Ekko, a young prodigy inventor who just so happens to be able to rewind time, this time-travelling ability will permeate throughout both the rich narrative on offer here, as well as combat.

In the latter, you can approach a novel combat situation, before turning back the clock and getting the jump on your unaware enemies. In the sci-fi, fantasy city setting of Zaun, time-traveling might just be the only friend you can trust, as you are tasked with keeping the city safe.

Add in systems to pick up parts, craft new gadgets, and upgrade your existing abilities to bring even more freshness to combat, and CONVERGENCE will quickly become one of the fastest 2D platformers out on the market. It’s perfect for both LoL fans, and those familiar with genre stalwarts such as Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Key features that await are:

  • CONTROL TIME – Activate Ekko’s Zero Drive to turn back time. Then, use your knowledge of the future to adapt your approach to any challenge and get the jump on your enemies. Fluid, dynamic combat rewards precise timing and positioning.
  • DISCOVER ZAUN – Run, leap, and slide your way through the streets of Zaun. Meet champions, face down enemies, and locate never-before-seen sides of the Undercity.
  • BATTLE CHAMPIONS – Encounter League of Legends champions like you’ve never seen them before. Unlock new abilities and face rivals in a series of explosive battles to learn who’s with you, and who’s against you.

CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story is available now for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch and PC, offering up a new way to explore the rich League of Legends universe. On the Xbox Store, the base version of the game is available for £24.99, with the £34.99 Deluxe Edition bringing with it some unique skins for Ekko, as well as the Digital Comic and Art Book.

Game Description:

Rewind the Past, Control the Future Traverse the sprawling city of Zaun as Ekko, a young inventor with a device to rewind time. He and his friends must work together to keep their city safe, but as danger looms and secrets come to light, Ekko realizes he can’t trust anyone—not even himself. Developed by Double Stallion Games, CONVERGENCE: A League Of Legends Story is a story-driven, single-player 2D action platformer featuring dynamic combat and unique exploration opportunities thanks to Ekko’s ability to travel through space and time. Rewind your actions to learn from your mistakes and outsmart each new enemy. Will it be enough to save Zaun’s future?

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