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Kirby’s Return To Dream Land Deluxe Review: A Classic Comeback

I like to think of “Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe” as a very spam-fighter-friendly game. What I mean by that is that, while I do make an effort to memorize and execute distinct moves, I’m also not above a bit of spammy button-mashing when I’m feeling lazy. Even at its zenith of difficulty, nothing in the Kirby game combat is designed to take a significant mental toll — which is, of course, no surprise given the game’s kid-friendly marketing, but still a delight for adult Kirby fans looking for a casual gaming reprieve. In fact, the Switch controls make navigating “Deluxe” even easier. 

You don’t even have to engage with a significant portion of the enemies that you encounter while running through each stage; many of them are pretty easy to slip around if that would make the game more enjoyable for you. There is just enough PG peril in each stage, like the sweeping currents and the lurking fish that dart out to chomp on Kirby at the Onion Ocean level, to keep you from feeling entirely like a grown-up on the bunny hill.

There will still be some risk of dying no matter what — through a spent stamina/health bar and being crushed by large obstacles, namely — but if you’re looking for even more laxness in an already really low-stakes game, you can always enable the Helper Magolor feature, an optional function where Magolor appears to occasionally toss you stamina boosters and yank you up from certain death in the bottomless pits between obstacles. Even with this feature off, I had upwards of 40 lives stacked up by a little over halfway through the game, so don’t be too nervous. 

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