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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 207 Spoilers Tease An Intense Battle Between Kenjaku, Choso, And Yuki

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 207

Ahead of the release of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 207 later this week, spoilers for the next instalment in the series have revealed an intense battle between Kenjaku, Choso, And Yuki is set to take place.

Just last week, Jujutsu Kaisen confirmed that the upcoming chapter would be delayed. Chapter 207 is now set to be released on December 18th. But, despite the fact that the series often incurs short delays, it still remains one of the most popular anime series around. Jujutsu Kaisen recently became the best-selling manga of 2022, selling 12,282,260 copies, far exceeding big names like Tokyo Revengers, One Piece, and My Hero Academia.


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Previously in Jujutsu Kaisen, fans witnessed a heated battle between Yuki and Kenjaku and, surprisingly, she was able to inflict heavy damage on him throughout the fight. Not to forget, Kenjaku also overpowered Yuki in between and left her spitting blood at the end of the chapter. But Yuki is not alone, as Choso joins the battle at the end. Now new spoilers for Chapter 207 hint that the battle is becoming even more intense.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 207 Spoilers

The new chapter will start with a flashback with Yuki, Choso, and Tengen discussing their plan to defeat Kenjaku. Choso is resolved to help fight Kenjaku for Yuki and his brothers. In the present, Choso tries to sneak attack Kenjaku, but he evades the attack. Choso gives a devilish smile while attacking like he has returned with a resolve to defeat him. Choso takes another chance, and this time, he is able to land a deadly attack on Kenjaku, which leaves his head open, revealing his brain to them for the first time.

Kenjaku tries to heal himself by fixing his head, but Yuki and Choso continue to attack him. Yuki can also be seen explaining something regarding Kenjaku’s brain. The next panel shows Yuki using the opportunity to heal her arm while Choso is continuously keeping Kenjaku busy by attacking him. Right after her arm heals, Yuki takes her Garuda, assigns heavy mass to it and uses it like a whip to attack Kenjaku. He can be seen flying in the air from the power of her attack.

Next, we see Choso, who is charging towards Kenjaku, but it’s time for the latter to attack, and he activates his gravity attack to crush Choso and Garuda onto the floor. He finally takes a sigh of relief after taking so many continuous blows. Yuki takes hold of her Garuda and swings it with all her might to land a blow at Kenjaku’s face. Yuki concludes that Kenjaku’s gravity attack applies within 2-3 meters of radius for 6 seconds.

Kenjaku evades her Garuda by summoning a giant skull-like curse with big teeth and large hands, which gets crushed in an instant. She then goes back to hand-to-hand combat and throws a heavy punch to his face. Kenjaku takes hold of her hand, and Yuki’s eyes reveal that she is terrified of what’s coming next for her. He creates an Uzumaki and blows it on Yuki’s face. She seems to have decreased the damage by shielding her face with her hands. But he then creates one more Uzumaki, which pierces through her abdomen, and makes her cough blood. The chapter ends with Choso yelling, “Tsukumo,” at the end.

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