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Hundreds of songs and new DLC packs arrive in DJMAX RESPECT V

When DJMAX RESPECT V came to Xbox in mid-2022, it provided gamers with the chance to take in a new rhythm action experience, one that was heightened by a supreme level of presentation and some fantastic tunes. But for many, there could never be enough – the Neowiz and Rocky Studio teams are looking to fix that by sending out a whole ton of new DLC packs, adding in hundreds of new tunes. 

Available to purchase, download and add into DJMAX RESPECT V on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S right now are no less than – and we’re counting them – twenty-six new expansion DLC packs for the game. Each of these come with varying prices, pretty much determined by the number of tunes and pieces of gear contained within, all looking to grab the DJMAX RESPECT V player for more game time. 

It’s a serious DLC download day if you are a DJMAX RESPECT V as we’d suspect that many of the tunes, the tracks and the packs themselves will be of interest. There’s seemingly a host of variation in those tracks too, with a number of different bases covered. 

It’s something that DJMAX RESPECT V needed to fix, mostly as whilst our review of the game on Xbox was pretty positive, we did feel letdown slightly by some limp tunes and patterns that just didn’t work. In fact, we pitted DJMAX RESPECT V against MUSYNX in review, and it was the latter which came out on top. 

Perhaps that will change with the new set of DLC packs available for DJMAX RESPECT V and in no particular order, we discover all of the following in hand…

  • So Happy Gear Pack – £8.39 – New notes and gear
  • Chunithm Pack – £8.39 – 6 songs
  • Clazziquai Edition Pack – £16.74 – 24 songs
  • Technika 2 Pack – £16.74 – 24 songs
  • Deemo Pack – £12.49 – 10 songs
  • Unlock Song Pack – £8.39 – Unlock all basic songs
  • Estimate Pack – £8.39 – 5 songs
  • Girls’ Frontline Pack – £4.19 – 3 songs
  • Black Square Pack – £16.74 – 21 songs 
  • Trilogy Pack – £12.49 – 21 songs
  • The Clear Blue Sky Gear Pack – £8.39 – New notes and gear
  • V Extension Pack – £20.99 – 20 songs
  • Technika 3 – £20.99 – 30 songs
  • Muse Dash Pack – £14.99 – 15 songs
  • Cytus Pack – £12.49 – 12 songs
  • Nexon Pack – £13.39 – NEXON games
  • Technika Pack – £16.74 – 21 songs
  • Portable 3 Pack – £16.74 – 24 songs 
  • Groove Coaster Pack – £12.49 – 10 songs
  • Emotional Sense Pack – £8.39 – 8 songs
  • Lisrim Gear Pack – £8.39 – New notes and gear
  • Welcome to the Space Gear Pack – £8.39 – New notes and gear
  • V Extension II Pack – £20.99 – 20 songs
  • Tok! Tok! Tok! Gear Pack – £8.39 – New notes and gear
  • V Extension III Pack – £20.99 – 20 songs
  • Technika Tune & Q Pack – £16.74 – 20 songs

Each of the packs listed will come with a 20% launch discount, running for one week from this article being published. 

We don’t need to tell you that you’ll need a copy of DJMAX RESPECT V on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S (or on PC) to hand prior to being able to make the most of any of the new DLC drops for the game. Thankfully you can find the base game over at the Xbox Store, either available for £39.99 or included in your Game Pass subscription, with each and every one of the DLC packs listed running off from there.

With that in hand, let us know which of the many DLC packs you’ll be picking up. 

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