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Green Hell Building Update Coming Soon

Green Hell has been an Early Access title for quite a while. Developer Creepy Jar has been steadily plugging away at bug fixes and planned features for years, with fans enjoying the steady updates. The Green Hell Building Update will bring a bevy of new features to the survival game when it drops. For the longest time, base-building has been a bit simplistic, and that’s finally changing.

Set in the extreme conditions of the uncharted Amazon jungle, Green Hell is an Open World Survival title that has plenty of meat left on its bones. Players have been struggling to survive amid harsh weather and dangerous beasts for years, and now they have a lot more options for survival on their hands.

Last month, the developers began testing the features within a closed beta test. So what’s coming in the new update? There’s quite a lot actually. The biggest feature coming in the Green Hell Building Update is a fully featured treehouse system. Players will be able to attach structures to existing trees in a map, constructing things like a Bamboo Tree House or a Bamboo Platform. There’s another new building option that will alow for aquatic bases too. The Floating Frame can be used as a base for buildings up to three blocks high.

Other improvements incude a retooling of the notebook UI, which is the main crafting and interaction interface in the game. A few minor tweaks to UI elements such as item names are also included.

Source: Press Release

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