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Granblue Fantasy introduces two new SSRs in the latest update, including a new version of a fan favourite character

The legendary and constantly updated turn-based gacha RPG Granblue Fantasy has released its two latest roster additions in the form of the brand new SSR Fire character Icarus and a new Wind SSR version of the character Lily. One of those is a returning favourite in a new way, while the other is an entirely original and new addition to the massive cast of this huge RPG.

Granblue Fantasy needs no introduction. If you ask just about any gacha gamer worth their salt, it’s likely they’ve at least heard of it in passing. Whether that be the anime series adaptation or the fact that it’s one of the biggest gacha games within Japan especially, this is a game that has cemented its place in history as one of the most content-packed and excellently made mobile RPGs of all time.

And now gamers have two new characters to try to roll for on the latest gacha banner. First up we’ll go over the brand new one, the Fire SSR Icarus. This young warrior holds a huge focus on fire DPS, utilizing his skills to buff up his other skills. One of his abilities even has the, well, ability to do damage to a target without even using a turn! That’s a pretty darn unique and especially powerful capability, so he’s sure to make an excellent addition to your Fire team.

Next up we have the new Wind SSR version of the character Lily. There are already plenty of different versions of her, but this is the first Wind-oriented one, and her abilities are quite strong as well. Most of these abilities focus on healing or buffing up your Wind allies, so needless to say, she’s a great fit for your Wind team.

Check out these two new characters by downloading the English version of Granblue Fantasy by downloading it on the official website!
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