Gigapocalypse, an arcade side-scroller where you destroy cities for fun, is out now on Android and iOS

Headup Games & Goody Gameworks is letting players destroy the world with the launch of new game, Gigapocalypse, a retro-inspired side-scrolling city-smasher. Mobile gamers can enjoy rampaging through towns as this title has been successfully ported with fully optimized controls, gamepad support, and cloud saves for Android and iOS.

Just like pretty much every Kaiju monster game on the market, Gigapocalypse draws heavy inspiration from Godzilla and King Kong and arcade games like Rampage. In Gigapocalypse, players will be offered an entire squad of monsters called Gigas that are hungry for rubble and will readily destroy cities if chosen to do so.

What makes things even more intense is the heavy metal soundtrack that makes the chaos even sweeter. Players can also customize and create their own unique Kaijus. Besides the different monsters, there are also numerous different locations which players can demolish as they create their own monster apocalypse.

Speaking about their port from PC and consoles, developer Goody Pundit, said: “After smashing up cities on console and PC, we are delighted to be able to bring the larger than life Gigapocalypse straight to your pocket. The game is a great fit for mobile devices, especially with the adjustments we’ve made to optimise the controls for smaller devices.”

In Gigapocalypse, there are nine monsters to choose from as of now. These include three Old Gods, three monsters from way back in the past, and three creatures from far off in outer space. The locations range from different time periods, including cities, modern-day locales, and even the Wild West.

The game also isn’t an endless runner with no goal as such. The ultimate goal is to find the location’s boss and beat it to make your Giga more powerful and collect mutation points. The points can be used to unlock new skills, skins, and purchase pets to aid during missions.

And just because the Gigas are monsters doesn’t mean they don’t need to be cared for. Players have to take care of them in Tamagotchi-style minigames and decorate their homes with cute items. All of this will help improve the Giga and make it even stronger.

Begin your rampage now by downloading Gigapocalypse for free by clicking on one of the links below.

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