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Get Call of the Sea free on PC

It’s well known that Epic Games is giving away free video games on PC every week via its digital distribution platform. One or more titles are available at Epic Games Store and all you need to do to add them to your account permanently is to log in and click on a button to claim them for free. Of course, each game is only available for a limited time, and you have a week to claim each of them, but every Thursday they get replaced with new ones. 

Explore an uncharted island in Call of the Sea

Starting today and until March 15th, you will be able to get Call of the Sea for free on PC. It’s an exciting adventure game that will you take back in time to 1934. In this adventure, you will join Norah, a woman desperately looking for her missing husband, who has disappeared on an expedition while exploring the far reaches of the South Pacific. In Call of the Sea, Norah will arrive at the shores of a mysterious island that harbors the remnants of an ancient civilization. By exploring this exotic and lush place full of secrets, she will unveil the truth behind the disappearance of her husband. 



Call of the Sea is an exciting adventure full of puzzles. It features beautiful graphics created with Unreal Engine 4 and an immersive and intriguing storyline that will captivate you. Remember that if you miss this opportunity of getting the game for free on PC you can find a cheap Call of the Sea PC key with our comparator. Also, if you hurry up, you still can get Rise of Industry, an industrial tycoon strategy simulator, for free on Epic Games Store too, before it’s replaced by Call of the Sea.

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