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Get a whole lot of Company of Heroes in this new game bundle

Love strategy games and want some more? Humble Bundle is offering the Company of Heroes Complete Collection.

For £12.50 you can get:

Company of Heroes 2 (Linux Native) plus these DLC:

  • Arddennes Assault 
  • Southern Fronts Mission Pack
  • The Western Front Armies: US Forces
  • Victory at Stalingrad Mission Pack
  • Case Blue Mission Pack
  • British Commander: Special Weapons Regiment
  • British Commander: Vanguard Operations Regiment
  • British Commander: Tactical Support Regiment
  • The Western Front Armies
  • US Forces Commanders Collection
  • German Commander Collections
  • German Skins Collection
  • Soviet Commanders Collection
  • Soviet Skins Collection
  • OKW Commanders Collection

Company of Heroes (ProtonDB Gold) plus these DLC:

  • Tales of Valor
  • Opposing Fronts

Plus you also get a 6% off coupon for Company of Heroes 3.

Seems like a pretty great deal overall for RTS fans!

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