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Gal Guardians: Demon Purge (Switch) Review: Way Better Than Expected

“Gal Guardians” follows demon-hunting Kamizono sisters, Maya and Shinobu, as they arrive for school one day to find it’s been merged with the demon dimension to become some sort of large, twisted castle. Without missing a beat the pair rush in, determined to figure out what’s going on, rescue their classmates, and turn the school back to normal.

Each area acts as a sort of twisted version of a part of the high school (at least that’s how the game justifies it), from the entrance to the … underground cave system? Yeah, “Gal Guardians” plays fast and loose with some of its world-building, but it usually does so with a knowing wink and nod. It’s silly, but it’s silly on purpose. And in some cases, it actually did manage to make me chuckle.

As the Kamizonos make their way through the school they’ll sometimes run into other students who are less apt in the ways of demon hunting, so they’ll need rescuing. Locating (sometimes they can be tricky to find) and saving a student like this will replenish a bit of the acting sister’s health, and you can chat with your liberated classmates later on in the game once you gain access to what acts as the game’s hub.

More notable students have been possessed by demons, which need to be purged in order to return them to their human forms. And some of these students are instrumental in learning and upgrading new abilities once they reach a certain point in the story.

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