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Front Mission 1st: Remake (Switch) Review: I Dig Giant Robots

If you’re new to turn-based strategy games — particularly strategy RPGs — I don’t think “Front Mission” would be the best place to start. The series and most of its games aren’t exactly the more approachable out of all the other available options. This isn’t to say they’re insurmountable or unfriendly, but there’s perhaps more to consider than you may expect if you’re jumping in for the first time.

The basics of movement, attacking, and terrain advantages are straightforward enough. However, pilots and Wanzers are two separate entities, despite acting as a single unit on the field. So pilots gain experience based on the actions they perform, while the Wanzers are basically just equipment. But Wanzers can also be customized. A lot.

Up to six different parts (body, legs, left arm, right arm, CPU, and optional backpack) can be swapped around and there are a bunch of possible choices. And then there are up to four possible spots for weapons (one on each shoulder and one in each hand) to consider. And that’s before taking things like weight limits, range, and individual pilot specializations into account.

I’m not trying to scare anyone off with all of this, but I think it’s important to be aware that “Front Mission 1st: Remake” (or any game in the series, really) involves a lot of gear management. To the point that you may spend almost as much time in the garage or shop as you do on the field.

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