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Fortnite release dates leaked for upcoming cosmetics

Thanks to @Jinsk0w, a few release dates have been revealed for previously leaked Fortnite cosmetics. According to an elaboration from prominent leaker @iFireMonkey, the dates became available due to the early cosmetics program, which allowed content creators to receive a key email. Here are some of the upcoming outfits and their corresponding release dates, courtesy of @iFireMonkey:

@iFireMonkey later clarified that each release date was based on UTC, so you might be able to find these cosmetics on the item shop a little earlier than expected.

Many of these cosmetics were already leaked a while ago, so fans have been anxiously waiting for potential release dates. It seems that next week will finally see Hana roll out, and her bundle has been a particular highlight among fans.

Hana has a sleek, sporty design, and various leaked footage online has revealed that she’s expected to be reactive too. Reactive skins are often some of the more compelling cosmetics in any game. But in Fortnite, it’s far more noticeable with so many players in any given match.

Also, fellow leaker @ShiinaBR recognized the so-called “funeral” skin as Graveheart, who boasts a surprisingly detailed, thematic, and creative design for a rare outfit. @ShiinaBR further states that the Rift Warden cosmetic is expected to be decrypted tomorrow, so keep an eye out:

Although Fortnite’s new Crew Pack for this month was pretty divisive, since it didn’t offer quite as many features as previous packs, today’s leak has mostly received a lot of praise. Although Fortnite is often inundated with various IP crossovers, the devs continue to support their own lore with interesting characters and skins.

You can read more about Fortnite’s latest updates and leaks, as well as other hit games in the free to play genre, by checking out the rest of our news section!

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