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FIFA 23 will say goodbye with a bang

It’s well known that the FIFA series is one of the most popular sports simulation series worldwide. It has become even bigger since PES decided to change its monetization model and go free to play. With EA pushing to get the majority of the licenses for teams and competitions, the yearly release of a new FIFA game has got the attention of most of the fans. Of course, such popularity has been always backed up by the strongest simulation as well as many improvements and features. FIFA 23 is the culmination of that process, and it will mark the end of the series as we know it, since Electronic Arts didn’t manage to renew its contract with FIFA. 

Starting next year, FIFA will be EA Sports FC and we are yet to discover what kind of novelties this change will bring to the franchise beyond the name change. But if anyone thought that such a modification would drive the players away from FIFA 23, EA just proved them wrong. In fact, the numbers revealed during the latest financial report confirm that FIFA 23 has pulverized its predecessor when it comes to the number of copies sold. In the six months since its launch, FIFA 23 has sold more copies than FIFA 22 in its whole history. 



What about the future?

Although this may not come as a too big surprise after the spectacular release of the game, it confirms that the series is more popular than ever. If EA plays well its cards, EA Sports FC could have a very bright future ahead, as the developers of FIFA only have to continue doing what they do best. There are some concerns though. Will FIFA make a move for someone else to release a game with its license? Will that impact the launch of EA Sports FC? Well, it’s undeniable that EA has plenty of experience developing the best football simulation games, and that weighs heavily on any comparison. We will have to wait for a bit longer to figure out the answers.

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